Lookout! It’s old man Learning.

Here at the institution that is GeekWuv, we tackle the important issues. So in line with that sentence, this week’s post will be about self-improvement and the importance of always learning new things.  Recently I enrolled in a 4 week course and learnt things and then promptly forgot them. However, there is one lesson I will keep with me – I loathe ‘mature-age’ students.


Before you jump around on me like a swarm of people so blinded by rage they have forgotten how to express it normally and attack like a literal House of Pain, please, let me explain.  

Firstly my definition of ‘mature-age’ is not based entirely around age and whilst it is a mandatory requirement, it has certain conditions. Much like my definition of hipster (anyone hip-er than me), mature-age students must be older than me.

Secondly and the second most importantly, a mature-age student must ask an obscene number of questions. The number should be roughly equal to the number of times toddler asks ‘why’ after discovering the word. Repetitive queries alone are not the reason I have no respect for mature-age students. I would never discourage people from asking a valid question such as – can you only have one protagonist? There are no stupid questions, but for the sake of every other soul in that learning space, don’t counter every point made by the lecturer and then make a half-arsed attempt to disguise it as a question you grey haired jerk.   Image

You can probably tell that this is directed at someone in my course and that I’m the kind of guy that leaves passive-aggressive notes written in bolognaise (or blood) asking my housemate (or wife) to wash up (or sacrifice our firstborn). It’s for the best you found out now as I would struggle to define the mature-age student any further, perhaps only adding that they are condescending to anyone young or female.  Basically this dude is a real piece of work. A poorly constructed piece of work, maybe not even work, perhaps he is just a poorly constructed piece. But pieces usually belong somewhere and in this case I can only assume he belongs… in HELL. No, that’s probably too harsh. Plus I don’t believe in hell. Umm, maybe he belongs at HOME! A place where I don’t have any contact with him…Yes that works.

My irritability stemmed from his reluctance to learn and his compulsion to put other people down. Why pay cold hard cash to learn only to shove it in the face of the person you paid and everyone else in the room. Also, why not use an innernet transaction, it’s faster.

As I consume titbits of knowledge and struggle to write a decent conclusion it is fairly obvious that nobody likes a jerk. Fact.  Other than that I can pretend that this will somehow relate to my initial statement about loathing mature-age students.  It won’t, but hopefully this course helps me structure my thoughts into something more coherent in the future.


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