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Most Believable Conspiracy Theories – 2015


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Conspiracy Theory: It’s a term used by many people to brush off a sound theory that clashes with what they believe in, or have believed in for a long period of time.

Conspiracy theorists can see that the information passed to us is not completely revealed, and see the potential for secret plots behind world events and our consideration of reality.  Everyday questions may pop up into the curious and skeptical mind such as, how did they fake the moon landing? And does the Yeti really exist?  What if…. our world leaders are really something more sinister?    And maybe, we are all inter-dimensional travelers?..

You decide!  The power is yours.


The moon landing was faked.

moon landing.png

Figure 1:  Hard evidence.  * Gregory Peck is reputed to have played both Buzz and Neil in this shoot.  

When you look closely at the images that NASA released you can totally see it was faked.  It is most notably obvious when you look properly at this American flag.  To me it looks like it is blowing in the breeze, which of course if IMPOSSIBLE considering there is no wind anywhere except for on Earth.  Also humans were very primitive back in the 60s and there is NO WAY that we could of thought up how to get to the moon.  I mean, think about it, the internet was barely in conception in those days.


Figure 2 : More compelling evidence.

It is clear that these “moon” photos were taken in a CIA bunker with Stanley running the production.  He gets some eerily good special effects for the time, and I use the above picture as an example (Fig. 1) to his directorial genius.   Stanley Kubrick was a very powerful film-maker back then and could fool even the best of scientists.

The CIA must have used mind control/hypnosis on subjects involved in the “moon landing” project.  It was so effective that they still believe, to this day, that they had gone to the moon or helped in some way.  This is why the “astronauts” and the many people involved in the project continue to deny the fakery of the whole situation.


Powerful reptilian overlords are taking over the world.

Sounds cray right?!  Well it makes perfect sense once you get over all the lore, and all the history, and science.  It was a hard conspiracy theory to follow but it has a Game of Thrones feel which is cool.

Hopefully the following summary makes David Icke proud.

Reptilian, blood drinking, shapeshifter aliens came and visited the Egyptians back in ancient times and shared their secret with a few people.  They needed to cross breed with people in order to take over the human population, so the Egyptians got to work.  Once the Illuminati got a hold of this information they started doing it too, and now it’s hard to distinguish who is human and who is a reptilian.

But we DO know is they generally are powerful politicians, celebrities and news readers – basically anyone who is filmed and scrutinised a lot.

Katy perry and barrack obama

Figure 3:  Based on these pictures alone I would determine Katy Perry and Barrack Obama are indeed reptilian overlords.


Our memories are more REAL than REALITY.

This interesting theory is called the Mandela Effect and has come about when people were reminiscing about The Berenstein Bears – an animal family featured in popular children books and TV shows.  These people found out it was actually spelled The Berenstain Bears rather than the The Berenstein Bears,  which was ridiculous because they clearly remember spelling it with an E rather than a A.

Mandela effect.png

Figure 4:  Impossible to disprove.

This strange phenomenon is called The Mandela Effect, where many people misremember the same detail.  The theory is that we are travelling to different universes with alternative time-lines, without even realising it!   So if you remember The Berenstain Bears, you are from universe A or if you remember The Berenstein Bears, then you are from universe B.

This theory is particularly  enticing because I believe my memory is super accurate even contrary to historical evidence.  For example, I am sure in the universe I am actually from, definitely was spelled defiently, that’s why I get confused with the word now.  I was relieved when I found out about this theory because it confirmed my belief that I got right every question right on trivia night, just not in this particular universe.


Big Foot is lurking.

Do large, hairy creatures really lurk in the woods of North America?  Numerous sightings says yes, for sure!  There are, in fact, way too many eyewitnesses for this phenomenon to be purely imaginary, as skeptics assert. With such an abundance of eyewitnesses, who are so dispersed across a continent, and dispersed across the decades, the alternate skeptical explanation that the sightings are the result of hoaxers becomes much less likely.

This cheeky primate is reportedly bigger than a man, with huge feet, shaggy hair and a repulsive smell.  A Big Foot was sighted recently on a Ronald McDonalds bench in the North American woods.


Figure 5:  Is this proof of a Big Foot trying to assimilate into modern society?  You decide.


You are welcome to leave your favourite conspiracy theories in the comments below!