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Career Change

About this time last year I was seriously thinking of a career change.  I was (and still am part-time)  working as a Medical Scientist in a hospital laboratory as feeling unsatisfied with my career path and repetitive nature of my job.  Fellow scientists would say that “we are saving lives!!”, but because of the lab is behind the scenes, we would never really get any recognition, gratefulness or even any idea of outcomes for patients.  It is a button pushing kind of job, and I know it is a good career for most but it wasn’t enough for me.


I started looking into courses that I thought I would be interesting in.  I really like watching films, old and new and went through a period for a couple of years where I caught up on watching the highest rated films of different genres.  I though I could get into film and television production and perhaps I could be a camera man.   I knew that this would again be another technical job, but thought if I was filming something creative it would be a better option for me.  The same university that I looked into doing film and television (JMC Academy) also offered games design and when I called to inquire they sent out information on both courses.  I almost rejected the idea of doing a games design course simply because of my gender, looks and how I am not addicted to playing games.  After checking the curriculum, I found that I would be willing to give it a go because of all the interesting and creative subjects.  I was scared but enrolled anyway into the course, thinking to myself “be brave, if you don’t do something out of your comfort zone, you won’t be able to grow”.  That’s how I have found myself studying games design.


I have now completed two semesters, which I have found so enjoyable and has taught me so much about creative industry that I am kicking myself for not starting this earlier.   There have been ups and downs and I still don’t think I fit the mold for typical games designer or even a games enthusiast but I feel like it is right for me.  I encourage anyone who wants to do something but is scared of taking that leap to think – whats the worst that can happen?  You can try and fail or find it doesn’t work for you, but you will be closer to finding what you really want to do.