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High Performance


Employee Plans, most workplaces have them and many see them as either a path to success or a waste of time. If you are having trouble with how to further your career then take a page out of my tree. Here is my plan for success:

SAFETY by being committed and responsible for safety –
I wear correct PPE, identify hazards/near misses at work and encourage others to be committed to safety by berating them in front of my other colleagues and the public.

CUSTOMER AND COMMUNITY by actively listening to customers, being responsive to the needs of my customers and always endeavouring to exceed expectations – 
My interaction with the public is minimal, however, I use correct phone etiquette when conversing with customers even though I didn’t complete the 8 hour course on how to use the phone. I am always presentable and friendly to any clients and customers

ACCOUNTABILITY by being accountable for quality and timely outcomes, being empowered to set myself challenging but realistic goals, consistently delivering on my promises and commitments and by using initiative to find solutions to problems – 
I am forthright in my actions and admit if I have made an error (although this is quite rare). I secretly compete against my co-workers for better results and times which gives me a false sense of superiority. I work hard on making myself needed around the workplace as the threat of redundancy looms above like a vulture awaiting the death of its next meal.

PARTICIPATION by participating with purpose and pride, engaging others to achieve and enhance outcomes, having a sense of urgency about the work that I do, leading by example and taking ownership for my work, being open and honest and by having integrity and showing respect for the individual – 
Participate – it’s one word I embody. You can tell by looking at my school sports awards, they all read participation. There are no 1st, 2nd or 3rd ribbons, but at least I am enthusiastic at work and work related events and perform in a positive and timely manner in relation to the job and my colleagues.

CREATIVITY by always looking for better ways to do things, having the courage to be creative, initiating and embracing change and inspiring others to do the same, and by being committed to excellence – 
Due to the fit for work policy, I cannot test my hypothesis that LSD use results in a more creative approach to work. However, I believe my openness to change reflects my flexibility as an employee. I believe efficiency results from lateral thinking and time management which are talents that I have… as is papier-mâché.

DELIVER VALUE by knowing the value that I add purpose and vision, creating and delivering value with the resources available to me, thinking beyond the present to drive long-term value for the organisation, treating all resources as precious – 
As a delivery boy for both Dominos and Eagle Boys during my youth I know how to deliver value and pizza. I have brought this skill with me to the benefit of the workplace. My personal mantra of “do it once and do it right” applies to all areas of my life (except sex life). This means that the correct result is obtained in the first instance and less time and resources are used in the process

SELF ACTUALISING by articulating the vision, finding enjoyment in work, acting with integrity and encouraging self-fulfilment – 
Articulating my visions have proved troublesome in the past as they usually end up as some kind of phallic symbol made of clay. My work here is vastly different as there is tangible evidence that the work I have done has made a difference, which in turn makes it more enjoyable and I strive for better (if possible) results. Many times I have looked at my work and thought “My God! You are freaking awesome. Keep it up.”

AFFILIATIVE behaviours by sharing thoughts and feelings, being friendly and cooperative, building trust and emphasising “customer” – 
My co-workers are like family, I didn’t choose them and many have severe mental issues. Despite this, I care for them deeply and enjoy working with them so much that a bond has formed that can never be broken. My feelings are thoughts are conveyed to them through interpretive dance and homemade macaroni drawings. There is an inherent trust shared between us that ensures that the work is completed to a high standard so that customers receive the best possible outcome.

ACHIEVEMENT by setting challenging goals, thinking and planning ahead, learning from mistakes and giving autonomy – 

My goals of planning ahead, learning from mistakes and giving autonomy are challenging but result in achievement

HUMANISTIC ENCOURAGEMENT by being sensitive to others needs, coaching people, being thoughtful and considerate and giving positive feedback –

As a 28yo Pisces I am sensitive to people within my personal aura. If I was a little shorter I would be the perfect shoulder to cry on, unfortunately I am over 6ft which means I have to awkwardly bend down for people to sob on my comfortably. I congratulate my co-workers when things go well and encourage them when things go wrong as there is always something positive to be learned from any experience whether it be positive or negative.